Female colleague coerced me into having sex with her

After lunch just now, I saw one of my chio bu female colleague at our office pantry and we chatted for abit. I ask her who did she go to lunch with and she told me she went alone. I then said "Woah why so loner sia, nobody accompany you meh?", she then explained that because she got caught up with some urgent work and by the time she had finished, the rest of the department had already left.

I then started acting all concerned about and asked her not to overwork herself. She smiled and commented that Im a very caring guy. I then decided to ask if she wanna go for dinner together, but I could open my mouth to do so, she suddenly leaned in to kiss me. I jitao shocked sia, she winked at me and asked if it would be okay if I help her relief some stress now. No need me to say, you all also know what would my answer be la.

She led me into an empty meeting room and started making out heavily. She whispered into my ear if I can finger her with a whiteboard marker. I was like "What? Are you sure?", she nodded her head and asked me to go on. I took one of the whiteboard marker and slipped it into her kitty, gradually increasing the speed. Strangely, she seemed to enjoy it and got wetter by the minute.

Seeing her already dripping wet, I slowly pulled out the marker and asked her how was it. She said it was good, but her face suddenly changed when she looked at the marker I was holding "OI WHERE'S THE MARKER'S CAP?". I held up the marker and saw that the cap was indeed gone, both of us started panicking. The first thing I did was to immediately tried to dig the cap out with my finger, but I found that the harder I tried, the deeper the cap sunk in.

In the end I stopped and suggested instead, that I bring her to the doctor immediately. She stopped me and said no, because the doctor and nurses would laugh at her if they heard about it. She put her hands on my cheeks and stared at me seriously "I guess we have no other choice, it is too deep inside already. The only thing to do now is you to pia me and make me pregnant. In 9 months time, we will have to depend on our baby to bring the cap out".

At first I couldnt accept the idea, but after thinking about it for awhile and it seemed like it was the only method left. In the end, I rammed her and pewpew all my little commandos into her. Now the both of us are praying that my little commandos will not let us down. Haiz guys, I have never sacrificed so much for a woman before.