I GOT WET during JAY CHOU's concert in the NATIONAL STADIUM last weekend!

Roof was leaking... seat was wet... my panties was wet thoughout the whole show....


A whole new LEVEL of fun!!!

New, young, big, firm and playful! All checked!


Met a man who was offering his wife for piakpiak

Yesterday was beo-ing some sex forum, there was this married guy(prefers to be known as John) who was asking if anyone dude would wanna up his wife while he watches. Lol I dont understand why would any husband accept this kind of act, fetish. Anyways, he provided the pic of his wife. I was like wow, when I browse thru all the pics of his wife, she was dam hot and chio man. That guy instead, was a fat blob. I would say that he totally dont deserve such a 8/10 looking wife.

Anyways, I took up his offer and arrived at his place and rang the doorbell, I was greeted with a hug from his hot and chio wife. Without wasting any time, she grabbed my hand and led me into the nicely decorated bedroom, and at a corner I saw a guy sitting there. I said "Hi, you must be John", but his wife interrupted and asked me to just pretend that there's just the both of us in the room. So I was like whatever, as long Im getting the sexy time.

We got undressed immediately and I laid her down onto the bed. She started off with giving me head and I must say that she manhandled my bird really well. Once my bird hardened, I immediately got her into action, was ramming her like a beast.

30mins into the banging, we were in doggystyle position(I was pulling both her arms from behind causing her body to bend slightly backwards). I told her I was gonna cum, she pleaded "In my mouth please, I want it in my mouth!". I pulled myself out of her, she immediately sat herself down and started blowing, while grabbing my buttcheeks from behind to push herself faster.

I closed my eyes and after a few seconds, I burst everything inside of her mouth. She took in everything without a single drop wasted. I started to get dressed, but I noticed that she havent swallowed the luscious juice yet.

She began to stand up and walked over to her husband. She gave a husband a kiss on his lips, and the next thing I knew was that she slowly dripping my jizz from her mouth into his. He seemed like he was enjoying and even stretched his head forward trying to reach for it faster; it totally resembled a mother bird feeding its young. I was like "WTF IS THIS MAN?", I couldnt stand seeing another second of this. I quickly got dressed and when I was about to leave, the woman still asked if I wanted a last hug, replied "no" and leave. Until now, I still dont even know if I regretted or enjoyed everything.

Female colleague coerced me into having sex with her

After lunch just now, I saw one of my chio bu female colleague at our office pantry and we chatted for abit. I ask her who did she go to lunch with and she told me she went alone. I then said "Woah why so loner sia, nobody accompany you meh?", she then explained that because she got caught up with some urgent work and by the time she had finished, the rest of the department had already left.

I then started acting all concerned about and asked her not to overwork herself. She smiled and commented that Im a very caring guy. I then decided to ask if she wanna go for dinner together, but I could open my mouth to do so, she suddenly leaned in to kiss me. I jitao shocked sia, she winked at me and asked if it would be okay if I help her relief some stress now. No need me to say, you all also know what would my answer be la.

She led me into an empty meeting room and started making out heavily. She whispered into my ear if I can finger her with a whiteboard marker. I was like "What? Are you sure?", she nodded her head and asked me to go on. I took one of the whiteboard marker and slipped it into her kitty, gradually increasing the speed. Strangely, she seemed to enjoy it and got wetter by the minute.

Seeing her already dripping wet, I slowly pulled out the marker and asked her how was it. She said it was good, but her face suddenly changed when she looked at the marker I was holding "OI WHERE'S THE MARKER'S CAP?". I held up the marker and saw that the cap was indeed gone, both of us started panicking. The first thing I did was to immediately tried to dig the cap out with my finger, but I found that the harder I tried, the deeper the cap sunk in.

In the end I stopped and suggested instead, that I bring her to the doctor immediately. She stopped me and said no, because the doctor and nurses would laugh at her if they heard about it. She put her hands on my cheeks and stared at me seriously "I guess we have no other choice, it is too deep inside already. The only thing to do now is you to pia me and make me pregnant. In 9 months time, we will have to depend on our baby to bring the cap out".

At first I couldnt accept the idea, but after thinking about it for awhile and it seemed like it was the only method left. In the end, I rammed her and pewpew all my little commandos into her. Now the both of us are praying that my little commandos will not let us down. Haiz guys, I have never sacrificed so much for a woman before.


Upskirt or Downblouse?

Let you see both! Happy?


Stripping for you.....

It's more comfortable naked in bed....


No Photos Please....

Slept well last night?


Rise & Shine!

Like My Curves?


Thirst Quencher....

Drink more water before continuing our exercise...


iPhone Holder?


Special Service?








Let's celebrate the Year of the HORSE!

Have a great "ride" this year!