JC Girl In Sports Bra.....

My JC friend always wear sports bra coz her breast smaller than a cup

She wear nerdy specs and she usually use a file to cover her small breast coz very small, when I see she trying to cover it I feel extremely excited

She always sit alone coz she not popular and to me not popular = easy target

One day, I grabbed her hand and stared at her. She immediately flushed and looked down.

I lean forward to kiss her by her check and by then, her face was all red already. I slowly kiss her across her ears, to her neck and then to her lips. Her eyes were closed. She was enjoying it! She looked so cute in her uniform as I slowly remove her button of her uniform and she pulled me closer to her. 

My hands were resting on her soft white color sports bra covering her small boobs! Her hands glide across my back as I massage her small breasts slowly and suddenly she froze!!

She frozen and stared at me. "It's very small, not there". "But I like it small", I told her. My hands slide down to the hook of her skirt and I unhook it as I kissed suck her soft pinkish nipple. She moaned softly. I let the skirt drop down on the floor as I slowly laid her on the floor. My fingers went for her love hole as I first poke one finger and her virginal stiffened. As I slowly thrust in and out, she moaned softly. I began sucking her nipple faster and faster and she began to close her eyes and enjoy it.

I wanted to try somewhere near so I suggested the pool since no one was home. So, both of us went down and into the pool we went, half naked. I began kissing her again on her soft breast and she was getting high and moaning out.

I push her panty aside, and slip my penis in, without my condom and she didn't notice. I thrust forward once against the wall and she gave out a loud cry. I thrust the second time and her arms wrapped me from behind with her nails dived into my back. I began thrusting faster and faster and she was enjoying every moment with her eyes closed. As my hot sperms were about to shoot out, I withdraw and off my semen went into the pool water along with some blood stain. She was totally exhausted as she refused to get out of the pool at first.

Her breast were so flat and cute with a pink nipple marking her growth. I had sex with her and the following semester, we treated like nothing had happened.